VT Series- Epoxy Resin Encapsulation NTC Thermistor
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VT Series- Epoxy Resin Encapsulation NTC Thermistor

VT Series- Epoxy Resin Encapsulation NTC Thermistor

Minimum Order
1000 pieces
Minimum Order
4000 pieces
Price Terms
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Delivery Time
10 to 15 working days for production
1pc in bag,100pcs in a box
5000 pieces


1. Fast response, high delicacy.                                                        

2. Good coherence and Interchange capability due to the high precision of resistance and B-value

3. Double packaging technics, good quality of insulation and package, high capability of colliding and bending, high stablity.

Part Number Identification:
TS: Products code (NTC themperature sensor)
502: Resistance at 25centidegree ( 202: 20×102Ω / 103: 10×103 Ω / 473: 47×103 Ω)F: R tolerance at 25centidegree  (A: ±0.1'C / B:±0.2'C / D: ±0.5'C / F: ±1% / G: ±2% / H: ±3% / J: ±5%)
3950: B constant (B3950: B=3950K, B4100: B=4100K)
A: Test Temp. of B ( A: 25/50centidegree, B:25*85centidegree, C:0/25centidegree, D: 0/50centidegree, E:0/100centidegree, F:25/100centidegree)M: Head Meterial ( M:Metal tube/ N: Metal fixed/ P: Plasit tube / E: Epoxy / S: Special)

Resistance619Ω, 309Ω, 319Ω, 327Ω,348Ω,
644Ω, 619Ω, 50K
B constance3380, 3200, 3435,3470, 3950,3650, 3600, 4100,4200,
Epoxy resin head size2.5mm,3.0mm
Lead cable7-40mm lenght
Lead cableinsulation cable
Dissipation factor2.0S
Thermal time contance3.2Sec
Operating temperature~50-200degC
Special parameter and size can be custom made

1. Air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers
2. Water heaters, potable water heaters, air warmers, washers, disinfection cases,
3. Washing machines, driers, thermotanks



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