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Medical Sterilizing Device Need NTC Thermistor Temperature sensor


 Medical Sterilizing Device need NTC Thermistor Temperature sensor

Exsense NTC thermistor temperature sensor which has high reliable, repeatable, high precision, high stability performance and long service life.All components in a very small package. Resistance and temperature matching interchangeability reduce the user to do resistance temperature calibration and circuit element standard working.

Thermistor used for sterilizer, autoclave, cold storage and incubator
NTC thermistor temperature sensor element can be used to monitor and control the temperature.The patient temperature is measured by the micro controller sensor and the airflow temperature to control the air flow temperature.

We can offer difference items temperature sensor as the customer requirement to make it.
Suitable for a variety of medical application: No matter the AT&VT series bare wire or TS &BT series insulated wire temperature sensor are designed according to a variety of purposes.
The resistance temperature curve of the interchangeability of circuit components standardization. At the same time, the design and update procedures simplified and improve cost-effectiveness.Small size can be used for space.


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