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New Energy Vehicles Development Trend With NTC Thermistor


New Energy Vehicles Development Trend With NTC Thermistor

According to the proportion of new energy vehicle battery capacity in 2014.
Battery capacity of new energy vehicles average required amount is 49kWh. For new energy vehicles demand estimates is expected in 2016 China's new energy vehicle power battery demand will reach 29.4GWh.

On the other hand, from the international battery technology development trends.The next 5 years to three yuan material as a typical representative of the power battery will promote the rapid upgrading of new energy vehicles. China's pure electric vehicle mileage will reach 300~400 km.Consumer mileage anxiety will be gradually eliminated. The cost of power battery is expected to decline by 50%, and will effectively reduce the price of new energy vehicles.

With the growth of the using new energy vehicles.The NTC thermal resistance is also greatly increased.So the NTC thermal resistance is one of the first choice of temperature control devices because lithium battery of the temperature control by NTC thermistor the components.

At present , there are many types of NTC thermistor in the market which is widely the epoxy package head with insulation cable, but the circuit parameters can be selected according to the components of each battery.Not only the stability and reliability of NTC is very high,but also the accuracy also can reach to 1%.

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