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Oven Temperature Sensor

Oven NTC Temperature sensor

Oven is appliances in our daily life frequently. Oven is the most important for temperature controlling. So it must be to pay special attention to the oven temperature controlling.There is a control system with SCM circuit,temperature sensor,amplifier circuit and the keyboard and the display circuit.
The temperature controlling is most important for Oven.

If the temperature is high not only affects the food baking quality, but also produce safe hidden trouble.

Temperature control of electric ovens general requirements as below
(1)the electric oven is heated by 2 kW electric furnace, the maximum temperature is 500 deg C.
(2)electric oven temperature can be preset, process of constant temperature control, temperature control error ≤± 2 degrees
(3)Preset temperature, it is display real-time temperature when it’s dry, the accurate can be 1 deg C.
(4)when the temperature exceeds the preset temperature of + 5C, it will be audible alarm.

According to the above, we need to choose suitable NTC temperature sensor for oven.  Thermal resistance with metal conductor resistance value increase temperature to the temperature measurement. the commonly measuring range is - 20 Deg C + 150 Deg C, Our company (Exsense) will supply a series of temperature sensors. Each series of temperature sensors has high reliability, high repeat ability, high precision and fast response characteristics. The temperature sensor in the most potential applications help to improve the performance of components and products.

oven temperature sensor

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