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Perioperative Temperature Monitoring and Disposable Temperature Probe

Perioperative Temperature Monitoring and Disposable Temperature Probe


There are many researches show that, hypothermia is one of the most common thermal disorders during perioperative period. In this period, human’s body core temperature will reduce 2~3.In the United States, the incidence of perioperative hypothermia is about 60 to 85 percent. This data tells us why the patient’s temperature needs to be strictly monitored.


According to the patient’s physical condition and the surgical method and monitoring method chosen by the doctor, to select the area of continuous temperature monitoring.


The disposable temperature probe can be divided into:

1. General purpose temperature probe:

2. Esophageal temperature probe

3. Skin temperature probe

4. Tympanic temperature probe

5. Temperature probe with Foley catheter

disposable temperature probe

General purpose temperature probe:

·  The ideal monitoring position is one in three or four out of the esophagus, which can accurately measure the central temperature.

·  General purpose temperature probe can also be used in the rectum.

·  The dual-use of general purpose temperature probe reduces the inventory requirements of different kinds of products.

·  Disposable medical products can effectively prevent cross-infection.


Skin temperature probe:

·  The simplest way to measure human’s body temperature without any trauma or sequelae.


Tympanic temperature probe:

·  Insert the external ear canal and place it next to the tympanic.

·  Due to the tympanic is close to the blood vessel supply zone of hypothalamus, so the tympanic membrane temperature can be considered as one of the accurate reactions of core temperature.


Foley catheter with temperature probe:

·  In most cases, the internal measurements of the bladder can provide accurate core temperature values.

·  The Foley temperature probe can easily measure the core temperature of all the patients who indwelling the catheter. Especially for the patients with the head trauma.


Perioperative temperature monitoring is very important and the disposable temperature probe is a very good monitoring tool for the medical worker to know the patient body temperature in time.

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