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Thinking of The Temperature Measurement

Thinking of The Temperature Measurement


Temperature measurement in non-laboratory conditions is subject to many problem and limitations. Such as, operation error, unstable external environment and motion artifact.

Medical workers should take full account of these issues and focus on therapeutic effects and physiological effects.

 Temperature Measurement

Expect the technical problems, medical limitations are the problem too. Physical activity and normal metabolism may cause a slight increase in body core temperature; this is not belonging to the pathological core temperature changes.


The other problem need to be considered is the risk-benefit ratio.

Even we know that pulmonary artery catheter can provide stable and accuracy temperature measurement, but as the high traumatic temperature measurement, it can cause serious complication. Medical workers should be paid more attention on this point.


In daily temperature management, the measurement method should be selected according by the specific needs of the body temperature measurement.


The medical workers should try the best to balance the accuracy, precision, response time, clinical effects and risk-benefit ratio of temperature measurement.

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