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Air conditioner NTC Temperature Sensor


Air conditioner NTC Temperature Sensor

It is very common component in the temperature sensor.Although there is a double sheet metal thermocouple, thermistor, platinum resistance and sensing temperature ferrite, but in the car and household appliances fields etc. The most usage or low price, high precision, good reliability is still NTC temperature senor.Especially, in detection and controlling temperature within -50-300DegC scope.
The NTC temperature sensor one of main usage is for temperature measurement.With the development of intelligent control, automation equipment, office appliances is a variety of measurement and control more sophisticated and high efficiency, people work more convenient and comfortable living.

Air conditioner:

Air conditioner use NTC temperature sensor is one rapidly development of NTC thermistor. Commonly used resin package sealing and cup rum shell encapsulating two structures to better meet the moistureproof, durability and enough power consumption requirements. the general air conditioning unit only use 2-3 pieces NTC temperature sensor. If inverter air conditioner unit use 5-6 pieces NTC temperature sensor.So it was widely used in air conditioner. It is necessary component in air conditioner.

air conditioner ntc temperature sensor 

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