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BBQ Fork NTC Temperature Sensor



1.Cylindrical metal shell size: 3*8, 4*20, 5*25, 5*30, 6*30, 5*80, 6*100. (unit: MM).
2.The baffle size: can be according to customer requirements.
3.Wire length and wire material: PVC doubling and Teflon line,litzendraht wire.
4.Wire color: black, white, red, yellow, green.
5. Thermistor Parameters : according to customer installation requirement.
6.The housing material: copper nickel plated or stainless steel.
All the shape or size can be according to the customer requirement.


1. It’s Used glass sealed series NTC thermistor in temperature sensor for barbecue fork. It    has high temperature resistance, sensing speed of the  advantages etc.
2. Resistance range: 1~100Kohms, high precision resistance and B value with good consistency and interchangeable.
3.Good insulation, high reliability, fast response, can work stably for a long time (years resistance drift rate 1%).
4.Double sealing technology, has an insulating sealing and good anti mechanical collision, anti bending capability and high reliability.
5.Can be according to the installed conditions to pack, it is convenient to install and use for users.
6.Temperature range: -40~200 C.

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