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Body Temperature Disorders---HEAT STROKE

Body Temperature Disorders---HEAT STROKE


disposable temperature probe

Heatstroke is one of the most usual diseases of the body temperature; the number of people who often get heatstroke includes the following:

1. Elderly people

2. Athletes participate in lasting sports, especially in hot weather

3. Patients with cardiovascular disease

4. High ambient temperature (in a car at summer, for example)

5. The baby has a fever and packs much clothes

6. Take anticholinergic drugs, or alcohol effect


The clinical manifestations of heatstroke have the following aspects:

1. Tachycardia

2. Severe vomiting and diarrhea

3. Skeletal muscles twitch and spasm

4. Low blood pressure, low circulating blood

5. Extensive cell damage caused rhabdomyolysis

6. Acute liver and renal coagulation dysfunction

7. Delirium, disorientation and coma


The general treatment of heat shock is the following aspects:

1. Respiratory tract: Endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation when consciousness is lost or convulsed

2. Breath: 100% pure oxygen

3. Circulation: Frequent low blood volume and low blood pressure, rapid liquid recovery. Cardiac inhibition can be combined with positive muscle medicine

4. Laboratory examination: Blood gas, blood glucose, blood routine examination, electrolyte, liver and kidney function

5. Emergency physical cooling

6. Monitoring: Use the high precision and reliability of the disposable temperature probe to continuously monitor the temperature

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