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Characteristics of Refrigerator NTC Temperature Sensor


The NTC thermistor is belongs to the temperature sensor. It connected with PVC wire and the high precision, high reliability NTC thermistor. The package shape is formed with the insulation, heat conduction and waterproof material to install and remote control conveniently.

This kind of temperature sensor mostly used in air conditioner, automobile air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, water heater, water dispenser, heater, disinfecting cabinet, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and low temperature drying box, incubator etc for temperature monitoring and controlling.

NTC temperature sensor the main characteristics in the refrigerator:

1. Adopt new techniques , stability product performance and long term operation.
2. High sensitivity and fast response
3. Compact structure, convenient installation and good waterproof.
4. Temperature range widely, good stability and High reliability.
5. High precision, strong interchangeability and also provide products different R, B value.
6. High reliability, double sealing process and has good insulation and resistance to mechanical impact and anti bending capability.
7. According to the installing conditions to package and it’s easy to install.
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