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Disposable Medical Temperature Monitoring Probe


Disposable Medical Temperature Monitoring Probe

Disposable temperature probe can monitor temperature change and transformed into a device for signal.Generally by the temperature chip and two line of solid state electronics unit group. It uses solid in the form of module put the temperature chip directly arranged in the junction box, thus formed to be a disposable body temperature probe. Disposable temperature probe convert temperature signal for the second tier of electrical signal to monitor in a very simple way of 25 DEG C ~50 DEG C to achieve accurate measurement and control of temperature.

Disposable temperature probe can usually be divided into two types: skin temperature probe and the cavity temperature probe.

Disposable temperature probe is the base unit the R / V conversion unit, linear circuit and reverse connection protection, current limiting protection, V / I conversion unit. Temperature measurement chip signal conversion and amplification then by the linear circuit to compensate the temperature and resistance of the nonlinear relationship, after the output of the V/I conversion circuit and the measured temperature into a linear relationship between the constant current signal.

Disposable temperature probe has the advantages of simple structure, saving lead wire, signal output, strong anti-interference ability, good linearity, display apparatus simply and solid module seismic moistureproof, reverse connection protection and current protection, reliable operation, etc.Therefore, disposable temperature probe is wide range should used in the Department of Anesthesiology, the newborn Department of pediatrics hospital clinical departments.
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