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Glass sealed NTC thermistor


Glass sealed thermistor is mainly temperature compensation, Glass Sealed thermistor has many kinds of materials type,such as epoxy resin, glass etc.

The main characteristics of NTC thermistor is glass sealed reason,suitable for high temperature and high humidity environment. Compared with the other sealing type and the reaction speed is slow , but the response time can be reached in 10 seconds.

Semiconductor process,and lead the glass packaging structure for both ends of the axial. The characteristics of the resistor is quick response ,high reliability, large temperature range and the highest temperature can reach to 300 degrees. And in a high temperature can be kept reliability and stability.

1.Office automation equipment (printers, photocopiers) temperature detection and temperature compensation.
2.Industrial, medical, environmental protection, meteorology, food processing equipment, household electrical appliances (electronic clock, CPU fan, computer motherboards, charger, air conditioning equipment, microwave oven, electric fan),
3.Instrument coil, the volume of circuit, quartz crystal the oscillator, electronic thermometer, medical equipment, machinery and equipment can be used in high temperature for temperature measurement.

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