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High Accuracy NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor

High Accuracy NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor

NTC is a Coefficient Negative Temperature. Negative temperature coefficient refers to large semiconductor materials or components.The NTC thermistor is the negative temperature coefficient thermistor. It is the ceramic manufacturing process with manganese, cobalt, nickel and copper oxide as the main material. These metal oxides materials have semiconductor properties.Because analogous germanium in conductive mode, silicon and other semiconductor materials. When the temperature is low, the carrier oxide materials (electron and hole) the number is small. So its resistance value is higher; with the temperature increasing, and the number of carrier increases so the resistance value range is lower .Generally,NTC thermistor at room temperature is 10~1000000 ohms.

Firstly,let get to know the characteristics of the NTC thermistor temperature sensor.Its measurement temperature range is generally -40 ~ +250 degrees Celsius.The accuracy of ntc thermistor sensor can reach 1%,0.3%,0.6%.The reaction time can be less than 5S.

We(Exsense company team) had researched and development high precision NTC temperature sensor, temperature measurement accuracy can up to 0.15%. Have a good heat resistance cycle,and reaction time can be controlled within the 3-5S.And the characteristics also have high reliability and high sensitivity.In addition, the temperature sensor can also be waterproof, moisture, fall off and anti aging.

In modern society, more and more environments are used to the NTC thermistor and NTC temperature sensor to monitoring the temperature.They can be widely used in temperature measurement, temperature compensation and suppression of inrush current and temperature control.Such as,in food storage, medical and health, scientific farming, ocean, deep well, high altitude, glaciers and other aspects of the temperature measurement.Especially the appliance is widely home applications, such as laser printer printers, smart toilets, coffee machines, medical equipment and so on.

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