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How does NTC coolant temperature sensor (CTS) works

The fuction of NTC coolant temperature sensor (CTS) : detecting the temperature inside engine, generally there is thermostat in the car, so the temperature has been kept at 90 degrees, which is the best operating temperature for engine. Sensor is installed in the position where water circulated back into the tank.

NTC coolant temperature sensor is installed in the engine block or cylinder head to detect the temperature of engine circulating coolant while it comes in contact with the cooling liquid, then transmit the results to electronic control unit in order to amend the amount of fuel injection and ignition timing. Temperature sensor is often made of NTC thermistor, which is very sensitive to temperature. The two wires are connected with the electronic control unit, one of them is a ground cable.

Thermistor with a negative temperature coefficient resistor frequently, The lower the temperature, the greater the NTC thermistor resistance, and according to this signal, the electronic control unit increases the fuel injection quantity to increase the combustible gas mixture concentration. Real- time monitoring engine temperature, it can prevent overheat damage to the engine! Besides, it also can transmit signal to the computer to control the hydraulic flow!

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