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How To Control The Printer Temperature?


How To Control The Printer Temperature?

Several reasons cause the printer high temperature:
1.The printer itself has a fault. (It needs professional maintenance personnel to check and repair).
2.Some parts have to much dust.
3.Printer heat dissipation is not very good, and continuous printing too much paper in order that the output channel temperature is too high.
4.The printer works too long.
5.In view of the above several reasons, there are some simple processing method. The printer must put in the ventilate place and cleaning well.
6.When the printer own heat is not good. It can be choose alcohol to wipe so that the printer quickly cool.When the printer not work so let it in the energy saving mode or shut down the operation.

The temperature sensor
in printer is not for temperature control. It is to monitor the temperature. Monitoring the printer operating temperature not exceed to a certain temperature.So the temperature setting usual is 85~95 degree.Because of high temperature,in order to ensure that the various components of the printer will not cause rapid aging. If it is more than the temperature set point, the printer will stop working until the road temperature down then once again.

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