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New Direction for The Temperature Sensor

In the new era background,the NTC  temperature sensor have a new  development step in application.NTC as an important temperature sensor branch, medical electronics, mobile communications,office automation, automobile electronics is a new application field.

In the medical electronic equipment, medical electronic equipment increasingly is developing, such as home care, home care and personal health examination.And hospital equipment will prefer to the miniaturization, portability and professional development.High precision miniaturization temperature sensor is the greatest driving force to promote the rapid development of medical electronic equipment.

In communication products , the temperature sensor is the essential component of the system is a network of neurons. It mainly used in mobile phone batteries, notebook motherboards, monitors, computer microprocessor LCD temperature detection and other communication products.In automotive electronic components, high precision composite device with a temperature sensor is improved intelligence, energy saving, comfort as the core components of the key component of the automobile.The sensor is closely related to the market trend,  technology application present situation and future development trend and the domestic automobile electronic technology strength of ascension. For the stable performance, the quality reliable, the precision of vehicle safety, comfort, intelligence and energy saving will have an important impact.

Automobile industry is one of the vigorous development the industry in our country. Heating plate and the heating component is another important branch of temperature sensor.

The temperature sensor has developed more quickly in sensor industry .With the temperature sensor technology increasing. The temperature sensor application will expand in future
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