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New Type Smart Bean intelligent thermometer

New Type Smart Bean Intelligent Thermometer

During the baby grow up they often sick with fever. But there are some measurement temperature thermometer on the market is not good to exactly measurement temperature for the young parents.The smart bean intelligent thermometer design is good to help the young parents. Because it can be automatic measurement baby temperature during fever. Smart bean intelligent body temperature can be monitored for 24 hours ceaselessly.The alarm signal will be issued when the temperature exceeds the set temperature alarm value. Especially at night when the baby has a fever. It can reduce the parents physical exertion of monitoring the baby temperature.

Product appearance:
Smart bean intelligent thermometer provides a variety of candy color thermometer. It can choose according to the baby favorite color and age.From the exterior casing to see the thermometer provides users four functions, the real-time monitoring, high temperature alarm, fever tips and community interaction.

Inner structure:
Smart bean temperature thermometer design is very small, the length is only 45mm, 27mm width and 6mm thickness.When measurement baby temperature, this small design can make baby feel comfortable and reduce foreign matter. The design of the front of thermometer has a power button. It can be open or close monitor power as long as press the button lightly.
On the back of thermometer inside the metal point is the NTC temperature sensor.It is used to control and monitor temperature. Temperature sensor can exactly monitor the baby temperature.


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