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Noted to choose Temperature Sensors Matters

The temperature sensor used in our daily life frequently , such as household appliances, aviation, aerospace, energy, or textile and other scientific research and production can be used in temperature test.But the state of the environment, temperature sensor and surface interaction are formed to a complex system, various factors directly or indirectly affect the accuracy of surface temperature.Because the surface temperature is a frequently need to measure but also very difficult to do it.

Therefore, when using the temperature sensor should pay attention to the problems.
1.When installing the sensor can obtain the highest thermal contact and minimal mechanical stress, Because RDF sensor is easy to install properly.

2.The surface sensor must be insulated or isolation, so that the temperature is as close as possible to the surface temperature.The sensor only can measure the temperature itself , it must try to make the surface temperature and temperature sensor is the same  through insulating layer to reduce the environmental impact and the installation method provides good thermal contact between the surface and the sensor placement on the sensor.

3.Choosing sensor is very import, because it needs good thermal contact. But the coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch may cause large changing of the wire type temperature sensor resistance.This change can produce resistance.When installing the resistance and thermocouple sensor than might be mistakenly interpreted as a temperature change.The lead wire should contact the sensing surface for a long time ,in order to reduce the heat conduction effect of the induction wire or node.
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