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NTC Chip Thermistor, Bondable DT Series


Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Is a kind of semiconductor devices, mainly used in electric vehicles, railway locomotive and emu output control of ac motor.Conventional BJT on resistance is small, but the drive current is big, and then the MOSFET on resistance is big. But it’s had the advantages of small drive current.IGBT is combined with two advantage, Drive current is small, not only the resistance is low. 

In order for IGBT modules to achieve their highest possible efficiency, they should be operated at a temperature near to their limit.

EXSENSE DT series of wafer-based NTC chip thermistors represents an ideal solution that ensures reliable and precise monitoring and reduced production costs. NTC thermistors are manufactured from wafers. The electrical contacting pads are located on the top and bottom surfaces of the chip, with bottom side for soldering and sintering and the top side for bonding. This design allows a planar connection to the semiconductor substrate. Another advantage of DT series of NTC chip thermistors is the tight tolerance near the junction temperature. These tolerances are achieved by resistant measurement at 100 °C.IGBT modules designed for a maximum of 125 °C must not be disconnected before a temperature of 123 °C is reached. Thus, the IGBT modules can operate optimally close to their power limit thanks to embedded NTC chip thermistors.

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