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NTC Temperature Sensor for Electric Oven


Electric oven is a common household equipment in our daily life, specially attention to the oven temperature controlled during using.The oven temperature control system is composed with a single chip computer control circuit, sensor circuit, amplifier circuit, the keyboard and display circuit. And temperature controlling is very important.High temperature will affect not only the quality of baking food, will also have a safety hazard.

An embedded temperature sensor for electric oven which comprises a metal shell is installed on the metal shell of the NTC thermistor, the thermistor pin through the high temperature lead wire extends to the metal shell.

The thermistor is provided with a layer of Teflon tube and extends to the riveting point to makes the thermistor could not contact with the inner wall of the metal shell.The front of the internal metal shell is filled with heat conducting silica gel layer.Thermistor is installed on the heat conductive silicone grease layer; the metal shell with pressure setting to make the thermistor is not easy to disengage from the housing.

The temperature in the front of the metal shell transfer to the thermistor through thermal silica heat faster.and can prevent the metal shell after heating expansion and lead to the thermistor is extrusion damage and contraction deformation.And high sensitivity, high precision temperature controlling, it is not easily fail working for long-term in the high temperature oven and convenient repair etc.

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