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NTC Temperature Sensor for Wall Mounted Gas Boiler

NTC Temperature Sensor for Wall Mounted Gas Boiler

For the wall mounted gas boiler, China market is very complex. Regularly, the north should be the most broad market for boiler, so the northern heating system do very well in this area. The north is basically the central heating of the world.. Because now the people's living standards improve, so strong demand for the perfect home furnishing the central heating is not good not satisfactory for them .The emergence of the boiler to make up for this flaw, so the boiler in the north in the upper level of family life is still very popular today and the north is still the main market. In south of china , many families will also adopt wet hanging furnace.

In addition, with the continuous increase of the gas coverage,natural gas prices is cheap.So a solid foundation for the boiler Market.

The traditional electric water heater compared to the gas water heater. Wall mounted gas boiler is a kind of very comfortable, constant temperature and high content of modern bath form. Its biggest advantage is can meet the dual requirement of family of independent heating and living hot water. Wall mounted gas boiler in the modern family has a role can not be belittled, like you always have access to the floor heating and radiator, their heat source equipment is hanging furnace. Relative traditional heating equipment, working principle of gas wall hanging furnace complex.

The wall mounted gas furnace will be related to water temperature and air temperature, it will use a temperature detection element, the NTC temperature sensor is essential for wall hanging furnace of a component, each hanging furnace equipped with at least a NTC sensors, and some are even two sensors. A sensor is used to detect the temperature of the water and another to air temperature detection.

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