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NTC temperature sensor in Intelligent sweeping machine


The Cleaning robot also named automatic cleaning machine, intelligent robot vacuum cleaner dust, etc., is a kind of intelligent household electrical appliance, can rely on a certain artificial intelligence, automatic floor cleaning in the room. Generally use the brush and vacuum to absorb the garbage  into itself box which is the debris on the ground.And then completing the ground cleaning function. In general, The robot will finish cleaning,dust absorption ,wiping work also unified into sweeping robot.

The sweeping robot sales in Europe and America market in earliest.Because of the increasing living standard,sweeping robot are gradually into china.

Sweeping machine fuselage is wireless machine with disc type. Use rechargeable batteries with  the remote or operation panel on the machine. Can set the time for cleaning and also self charging. A sensor in front can detect obstacles, such as hitting the walls or other obstacles can self turning.According to each different manufacturers setting and taking different routes, clean the area planning. (some earlier models may lack some function) because of its simple function and convenient operation, it has slowly spread as commuters or the modern family used household appliances.

Robot technology nowadays is increasingly mature which is applied variety temperature sensor. Especially the NTC temperature sensor. The machine is used the battery for sweeping operation , in order to ensure the life of battery, then will add a NTC temperature sensor on the battery, so as to monitor the temperature of the battery, in order to prevent overheating and excessive heat caused by poor products of battery to a fire or short circuit.

Each brand will have a special design of different directions in development , such as, double dust cover, with handle vacuum cleaner, the dust collecting box can be washed and mopping the floor function,can put balmy agent, or the Photocatalyst sterilization function.

They all have the same principle, the fuselage is the mobile device of automation technology with a vacuum cleaner dust collection box setting and with the control path repeated walking in the indoor. Such as,cleaning,concentrated along the straight path, random cleaning ,supplemented by the side brush, the central main brush to rotate cloth etc. Enhance the cleaning effect in order to complete the personification of home cleaning.

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