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NTC Temperature sensor in Office Automation Equipment


With the continuous and rapid economic development, office automation degree unceasing enhancement, as the front-end unit information acquisition system, sensors have become increasingly important. The sensor has become a key component in the automation systems, it directly affects the performance of office automation equipment to play. In the office equipment, printers, copiers, scanners are used in a large number of sensors, the office supplies in peacetime use quantity is very large.

Office automation / application of data processing in general use NTC temperature sensor for strapping machine, overhead projector, printer, copier, the central processor (host), temperature monitoring and control power, and charge a rechargeable battery used in the NiCad and NiMH laptop computer, individual managers and other battery powered portable equipment control. 


Feature of sensor

High reliable,Stability,
Fast response, thermal time constant 3S
Excellent thermal cycle endurance,
Temperature range from -50
~ +250

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