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Car/Automobile NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor

Car/Automobile NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor

There are many kinds of temperature sensors, such as thermal resistance, metal thermal resistance, wire wound resistor and transistor type and so on. which can be divided into positive temperature coefficient thermistor, negative temperature coefficient (negative temperature coefficient, NTC thermistor. Critical temperature thermistor (critical temperature resistor CTR) and linear thermistor.
NTC thermistor temperature sensor is widely used in automobile, such as coolant temperature sensor, the intake air temperature sensor , the exhaust temperature sensor (Ex-haust air temperature sensor), fuel temperature sensor (Fuel Temperature sensor) etc.

Several common temperature sensors
1 wire wound resistor NTC temperature sensor
On the insulating lead wire winding with high purity nickel wire cover with appropriate jacket made for measuring the cooling water temperature and inlet air temperature. The resistance value change with temperature change characteristics. Its accuracy within plus or minus 1%,response time is bad,it is about 15s. Now is not commonly used.

2. NTC Thermistor temperature sensor
(1):Structure and type of thermistor temperature sensor

Mainly composed of heat sensitive components, metal leads, wiring terminals and housing.
It was made screw on the the sensor shell body to install and disassemble.The terminal is divided into two kinds of single terminal and terminal type. The middle and high grade car fuel injection system generally uses two terminal type temperature sensor. Low end car fuel injection system and an automobile instrument generally use the single terminal temperature sensor. Such as sensor socket is only one terminal and only one electrodes on the shell. Temperature sensor socket of electric control system is currently used in most two terminals, respectively with corresponding terminals ECU socket connection to allow transmitting signal.
(2):NTC temperature sensor the principle and characteristics

Thermistor is made with the ceramic semiconductor material, the resistance value with the change of temperature. its advantage is high sensitivity, good response characteristic, simple structure, low cost. The NTC thermistor is widely used in automobile cooling liquid temperature sensor and the inlet temperature sensor.

Automobile ntc temperature sensor

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