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NTC Temperature Thermistor Features


NTC Temperature Thermistor Features

Thermistors are developed many kinds and mature sensitive components early. It is constituted by semiconductor ceramic .Thermistor is used in semiconductor materials which is mostly negative temperature coefficient.The resistance decreases with the temperature increasing. The temperature will cause a large changing of resistance.It is the most sensitive temperature sensor.

The main Features:

1. The sensitivity is higher.The temperature coefficient of the resistance is 10 ~ 100 times larger than the metal. It can be detected the temperature change of 10-6s.
2. Operating temperature range widely. The room temperature device applies -40DegC to 250DegC. High temperature device applicable temperature is higher than 250DegC.
3. Small size, it can be used to measure other thermometer which can not measure the gap, cavity and the temperature of blood vessels inside the body.

4. Easy to use, the resistance value can be arbitrarily selected between 1 ~ 100K.

5.High stability


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