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NTC thermistor for electronic thermometer

Since mercury (Hg) and its most compounds have toxic ,so the mercury thermometer was forbidden. In 2007, the European Parliament passed legislation banned the EU countries to use mercury thermometer.By the end of 2007 have all been banned to use of mercury thermometer by passed legislation.The electronic thermometer is to replace the mercury thermometer, the thermometer will enter the era of electronic thermometer.

The NTC temperature sensor is the core element in the electronic thermometer.For measuring body temperature, so the temperature sensor accuracy, stability and sensitivity is very high. Due to the technical index of measurement accuracy, response speed, resistance drift rate are very high.

About 70% electronic thermometer are using NTC temperature sensor in China.

At present, this type of temperature sensor has achieved sales products in bulk, in addition, Our Company(Exsense Electronics Technology co.,ltd) supply the electronic thermometer production to domestic enterprises, also successfully exported to Europe, South America, South Asia, the Middle East and other regions.

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