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Axial and Radial Glass Seal Type NTC Thermistor In Electronic Cigarette


Axial and Radial Glass Seal Type NTC Thermistor In Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a kind of low pressure micro atomization equipment. The dissolution has the flavor of tobacco by heating atomized smoke like for smokers.

Electronic air flow sensor to start the heating element used in some electronic cigarettes. The dissolution will make the battery circuit. The manual induction requires the user to press a button, and then use pneumatic smoke. Convenient manual circuit than pneumatic stable relatively. The quantity of smoke is better than pneumatic. Traditionally, the activation of the electronic cigarette by electronic means. This relates to the microphone pneumatic switch and circuit associated with the use of pure hand, transformation of heating components.
Open electronic cigarette internal structure can be seen close to the heating element edge with a glass package NTC thermistor element is through the NTC thermistor components (our glass seal type )to detect and control the electronic cigarette in use in the process of heating and heat.In order to control electronic cigarette using safety in future.

Let see atomizer in general smoke bomb is the ceiling for the mouth again.And some factories should customers demand the atomizer and smoke bombs or smoke together stuck together and made into a disposable atomizer. The benefits is can greatly improve the electronic cigarette taste and the amount of smoke and quality is more stable.Because the traditional electronic cigarette is a separate atomizer then a few days will be bad. For a long time, the taste is also very poor, the amount of smoke is also very small. Which directly influence smoking cessation effect. And note fluid by factory professional personnel to avoid the own liquid injection too much or too little lead smoke fluid to flow back into the mouth or flow to part of the battery corrosion circuit.Saving E-liquid volume than smoke bomb more, good sealing performance, so the using time is longer than other smoke bombs.

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