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NTC Thermistor in 3D Printer


3D laser printer has entered the commissioning phase, That mean 3D printing technology has a good start in Chinese, 3D printer technology can greatly reduce the production cost for producers and increase the frequency of using raw materials and energy, reduce the impact in the environment. 3D printers don't need paper, and do not need to use ink either, but through the Electronic Cartography remote data transmission, laser scanning, the material melting to become a real object according to electron model diagram.The biggest advantage of 3D printer is saving industrial sample production time.

3D printer used two related sensor are position and the temperature , temperature is a thermistor, position is the photoelectric door. The sensor plays an important role in the 3D printer, the location is in the stylus and inkjet printer in the print head mainly used for temperature detection. When the print head uses for a long time, the print head surface temperature can reach 100 degrees, the inside coil temperature is higher, In order to protect the internal structure of the print head, almost all the printer is provided with a printing temperature detection circuit, a thermistor in a laser printer is used as a fixation temperature control.

When the image from the photoconductive drum transfer to the paper, Toner is still in the powder state and do not attached to the paper, so we have to make the toner heating and melting into the paper fibers to obtain stable images on paper, this process is called fixation.In fixation, it needs to control power ink heating temperature, temperature is too high to damage printing paper, if temperature is lower will not melt toner or not incomplete,so the image is not stable.Because temperature control used NTC  thermistor to achieve in generally.

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