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NTC Thermistor of Temperature Compensation


Many semiconductor and ICS temperature coefficient are temperature compensation, in order to achieve stability in wide range of temperature, due to the temperature coefficient of NTC thermistor is higher, it is widely used in temperature compensation.

1.The circuit principle diagram:

2.Temperature control:

Electronic thermometer, electronic calendar, electronic clock and temperature display, electronic gifts;
Cooling and heating equipment, heating constant temperature electric appliance;
Automobile electronic temperature control circuit;
The temperature sensor, temperature instrument;

4.The Parameters:
Rated zero power resistance value R25 (Ω)
R25 allows the deviation (%)
The value of B (25/50 ℃) / (K)
The time constant is smaller than 30S
Dissipation coefficient ≥ 6mW/ ℃
The measured power ≤ 0.1mW
Rated power ≤ 0.5W
The temperature range of -40 ℃ ~+125 ℃

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