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NTC Thermistor Used in Electromagnetic Oven


NTC Thermistor Used in Electromagnetic Oven

In recent years, due to the safety and efficiency of electromagnetic oven is favored by many families, it is an high-efficient energy-saving kitchenware without open flame heating. With using the electromagnetic induction heating principle in electromagnetic oven, as the current through the coil to generate magnetic field.The magnetic lines be cut to generate small eddy currents when the magnetic field lines go through the bottom of iron pot. Then iron atoms of pot will rotate as high speed with collision friction heat to heat up the food in pot. NTC thermistor using is necessary in the heating process, it can pass the heat signal to the control circuit to measure and control the temperature and consequently prevent overheating electromagnetic oven to ensure the safety of use.

When the electromagnetic oven in the heating process using coil plate in the control circuit under the action of high frequency (20 ~ 25KHZ) of the alternating magnetic field, through the magnetic (iron) pots produce a large number of intensive vortex. The heating process will have a local high temperature, NTC thermistor can receive timely electromagnetic oven temperature information, adjust the current size, induction and control of eddy current, electromagnetic oven at different temperatures.

Electromagnetic oven is the direct induction of magnetic field generated by the bottom of the pot to generate heat, so to use iron or stainless steel pot, the best diameter between 12-26 cm. Because of the iron absorption of the magnetic field is sufficient, the shielding effect is very good, it can reduce the magnetic radiation with great shielding.At the same time, Iron is the necessary long-term intake of essential elements which beneficial for human health.

The most suitable NTC thermistor in electromagnetic oven is the 100K glass thermistor, it can be used in high temperature and humidity environment. The  working temperature of 100K glass thermistor can be up to 250℃, it also owns high induction speed and high stability. If the electromagnetic oven is an indispensable home cooking utensils, then the NTC thermistor is the finshing touch to the electromagnetic oven temperature.

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