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NTC Thermistor with High Temperature Range

NTC Thermistor with High Temperature Range

In Electronic industry,NTC thermistor of Electronics components are generally in -40~+125 degrees. Due to NTC thermistor is packaged by epoxy resin limited. The operating temperature range generally is not more than 150 degrees. Once it’s over this temperature range epoxy resin will be destroyed. At the same time also will be affects the thermal resistance stability and safety.

Normally, before we used the NTC Thermistor with epoxy resin it will not reach the 150degC.And more and more customer think that if high temperature thermistor is better than lower temperature. If it really needs to get high temperature. We will also use the glass sealing head to support higher temperature.Because the glass sealing head NTC thermistor can support 300degC. But the glass head is more expensive than epoxy resin .So mostly customer do not want to choose more expensive replace the common thermistor.

Now we had researched one type NTC thermistor with epoxy resin head can reach 180Degc. The operating temperature range can be -40-180DegC.It also can work 120mins in this high temperature condition Not only can support high temperature but the cost is not high.
That is another very good choice for the customer to use the high temperature NTC thermistor.

The basic features:
1. Precision up to +/-0.1DegC
2. Good heat resistance cycle
3. High stability and reliability
4 .Working temperature -40 C ~180 C (abnormal 200 degrees /120 minutes)

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