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Nursing Measures to Prevent Hypothermia

Nursing Measures to Prevent Hypothermia


 Nursing measures to prevent hypothermia

Strengthen body temperature detection

Use reasonable and security temperature detection method. In the process of operation, nurses should strengthen the observation of the patient's skin temperature, low temperature occurs in the early people to take the corresponding nursing measures in a timely manner to properly warm.


Early detection, early treatment, early prevention.


Core temperature monitoring site, nasopharynx, oral cavity, tympanic membrane, pulmonary artery, rectum. Disposable temperature probe can be used to measuring the patient’s body temperature.



Psychological care


Since preoperative mood swings are prone to hypothermia in the operation, the preoperative psychological counseling can help prevent hypothermia.

Nurses in the operating room participated in preoperative discussion and preoperative visit, understood the patient's condition, conducted comprehensive evaluation of the patient, and targeted the nursing program in the operation.


Through interviewed face to face communication, eliminating the strangeness of the patient to the operating room and staff, relieve the anxiety of patients, and to make it in the best physical and mental stage, reduce patient because mental factors resulting in a decline in the threshold of the stimulation to the cold.

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