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Six Warning Functions of Female Basal Body Temperature


Six Warning Functions of Female Basal Body Temperature


Female Basal Body Temperature

Women measure and record their basal body temperature when preparing for pregnancy. Because a woman’s basal body temperature management is one of the factors that must be prepared before pregnancy. Likewise, sometimes women's basal body temperature is an early warning for women's health.


The basal body temperature of a normal woman is defined as a cut-off point on ovulation day, which is known as the "bidirectional temperature" in medicine.

Before ovulation, because of less progesterone, temperature showed a trend of low temperature and average of 36.2 .

After ovulation day, a sharp rise in body temperature, generally increase amplitude is 0.3 - 0.6 , the basal body temperature is 36.7 , showed a trend of high temperature.


After understanding this curve, it can be used to determine the health status of the woman. In summary, the female basal body temperature has about the following 6 functions:

1. Test the development of the corpos luteum.

2. Seize the opportunity to conceive, detect premature pregnancy and pregnancy safely.

3. Identify the amenorrhea type.

4. Find polycystic ovaries.

5. Monitoring of ovarian function.

6. Suggest other lesions.

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