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SMD Chip of Integrated Circuit


SMD Chip of Integrated Circuit

Integrated circuit is a new type of semiconductor devices developed in the early 60s of the 20th century.A semiconductor, a resistor, a capacitor, and a connecting wire which are required to form a circuit with a certain function are integrated on a silicon pellet. Then the electrical device is welded in a tube shell.

The integrated circuit has the advantages of small size, light weight, low cost, long service life, high reliability, good performance, low cost and easy mass production.

It not only in industry or electronic equipment such as, television, computer etc. The integrated circuit to assembly electronic equipment is more improve than transistor  several times to thousands of times, the stability of the equipment can also be greatly improved.

Several techniques for integrated circuit package:
1 in-line
2 surface mount type SMD chip
3 chip size package.

Circuit Board:

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