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Temperature Sensor Applicaion for Air Conditioner


1.Refrigeration mode. This kind of air conditioning set A,B two exchanger , in independent dehumidification mode were changed to the evaporator and condenser,in  the same air through the evaporator a (surface temperature) precipitation of condensate water, and then by the condenser B (surface temperature) to replace the way in electric components, also makes the air outlet of the air conditioner and air inlet temperature link the basic agreement. There are two types of heating method for tuyere temperature:
One is through the air after the evaporator using electric heating element to heat. Temperature and humidity controller cooling process must be accompanied by a desiccant.Air will drop substantially through the air conditioning evaporator temperature.The air humidity in a supersaturated state, then the excess water vapor condensation water situation in precipitation, the rally in the evaporator fins, so that is  "condensation".And the refrigeration mode reach a certain equilibrium state, the air humidity is reduced to a certain level. This kind of air conditioning is provided with an electric heating device in the indoor machine. When the air through the evaporator (surface temperature) precipitation condensation water, and then by the electric heating device heating the Department has cooling air. The air outlet of the air conditioner and air inlet temperature link consistent;
The other is dehumidified air by the condenser

2.Independent dehumidification mode.
This two kinds of heating methods is just heating devices and have a fever in different ways, the latter is pure physical method.This is called constant temperature dehumidification,it base of its theory through the evaporator to make the air cooling and then heated to the original temperature,and then get into the interior, so that the indoor environment relative humidity constant connection in the case.No matter what the temperature and humidity controller has the basic mode and it is also the most basic function of the air conditioner.
The principle of the temperature sensor is dehumidifier principle,it said that used the moisture in the air entering the evaporator frosting condensation in the dehumidifier and accumulates drops out and into the gate ,so as to achieve the purpose of reducing space humidity.
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