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Temperature sensor comparison


The temperature sensor are application more in our life,such as to a family or to country temperature measurement network all cannot do without it.

There are some temperature sensors characteristics a brief analysis as following.

1.NTC Thermistor: small volume, large resistance temperature coefficient, high sensitivity and  low price. It not only can be used as a measuring device, also can be used as a control circuit compensation device.

2.Thermocouple: simple assembly, good repeatability, wide temperature scope, good seismic performance, but the sensitivity is low.It needs to reference temperature field and make up the wire. It mainly used for temperature measurement in industrial production processes.

3.Platinum resistance: high resistivity, high sensitivity, physical and chemical properties at high temperature and oxidizing medium is very stable, temperature range widely and the price is low.

4.Linear NTC temperature sensor: this sensor is actually a linear temperature voltage conversion element, has the features of low input resistance, wide temperature scale and exchange is good, it is the ideal temperature zone temperature sensing components and also overcomes the above three products shortcomings both their advantages.

5.Integrated temperature sensor: high sensitivity, fast response, good linearity, small volume and low cost.it is more widely used.
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