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Temperature Sensor is indispensable In Solar Water Heater

Temperature Sensor is indispensable In Solar Water Heater

Times continuously develop,and now more and more people are getting better life.Especially in household life.For example, now people have solar water heater, because solar water heater is better than electric water heater, such as price concessions, convenient installation, energy saving and so on.

It is understood that a solar ground heating system mainly by solar energy collection heat exchanger, solar circulating pump, temperature sensor, auxiliary heat source, the central controller, water mixing device and ground heating system equipment. Auxiliary heat source are household wall mounted gas heating furnace, boiler and household electric boiler and other types can choose.

This system working principle is a solar at both ends of the heat exchanger through a solar water supply pipe and solar energy return pipe are respectively connected with a heat storage water tank. In the solar energy water tube is arranged on the a solar circulating water pump through this solar cycle water pump control solar water supply pipe and the size of the water flow. The solar energy storage water tank is provided with a temperature sensor which is connected with the central controller through a control line.
In this way, the temperature sensor can feed back to the water temperature of the heat storage water tank through the electronic signal in real time.
And central controller is connected through a control line and auxiliary heat source, temperature sensor, auxiliary heat source electric two-way valve, heat storage water tank electric two-way valve, heating circulating water pump, mixing device, floor heating system.

The mixing device control signals through the central controller.The heating return pipe of low temperature is mixed with high temperature water to guarantee the floor heating hot water heating system relatively stable.So that people can enjoy the comfortable effect of the heating system at the same time and save energy to protect the environment.

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