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The development of new energy vehicle charging technology and existing problems


The development of new energy vehicle charging technology and existing problems

NTC thermistor, a word that is still unfamiliar to the public currently. However, with the development of new energy economy in China, the state has paid more attention to this field of new energy as the people’s acceptance of electric vehicles gradually improved.


So what's the connection between the NTC thermistor and the electric car? Why the people’s NTC thermister knowledge improved as the electric car becoming popular?


The reason is that the charging system used in electric vehicles. Compared with the charging piles, wireless charging is safer and more convenient, it can adapt to the bad weather and the environment. Wireless charging technology can radically reduce the occurrence of electric shock accidents while reducing power consumption. With the  popularity of wireless charging, many corresponding problems gradually emerge. NTC thermistor is an important controlling component for manage the operation temperature of wireless charging.


Firstly, electric vehicle wireless charging technology mainly adopts electromagnetic induction and magnetic resonance.


Electromagnetic induction is a more mature technology at present. In the primary coil there is a certain frequency of alternating current, which generates the current in the secondary coil by electromagnetic induction, thus transmitting the energy from the transmitting end to the receiving end and completing the wireless charging.You should aim the coil at a distance of 0-10cm when you charging, and you can only use one on one. Since the high energy conversion rate, the transmission power range  is relatively large. However, the magnetic resonance field is a one on many charge, without precise alignment, the transmission power larger but the energy transmission loss higher.


In general, the use of electromagnetic induction principle of wireless charging technology is the most feasible solution. But there are still several problems that need to be solved:


  1. When the charging transmission distance is about 10cm, the heat dissipation between the coil needs to be taken into account. here is the beginning of the NTC thermistor mentioned. The NTC thermistor is used for temperature monitoring. It is technically possible to take advantage of the sensitivity of the NTC thermistor to temperature changes to measure and control the temperature of the coil to avoid any safety problems due to overheating of the coil.

  2. Whether there is a large magnetic leakage of electromagnetic waves and how to avoid radiation exposure is a big problem. 

  3. There may also be debris from entering the coil. Once the eddy current is generated, it is just like the electromagnetic oven. The safety problem is very obvious.

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