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The major advantages of thermistors


Thermistors are one of the most commonly used devices for the measurement of temperature. The thermistors are resistors whose resistance changes with the temperature. While for most of the metals the resistance increases with temperature, the thermistors respond negatively to the temperature and their resistance decreases with the increase in temperature.

Sensitivity: this allows thermistor to sense very small changes in temperature
Flexibility: thermistor can be configured into a wide variety of physical forms, including very small packages
Hermetic seal: waterproof, glass encapsulation provides a hermetic package, eliminating moisture induced sensor failure
Surface mount: a wide range of sizes and resistance tolerances are available.  
Stability: high stability
Cost: cost-effective
Size: The size of thermistors is very small and they are very low in cost.However,since their size is small they have to be operated at lower current levels.Fast response: short response time
Accuracy: thermistor offer high absolute accuracy
Ruggedness: because of their construction, thermistor are very rugged
• In certain cases even the ambient conditions keep on changing, this is compensated by the negative temperature characteristics of the thermistor. This is quite convenient against the materials that have positive resistance characteristics for the temperature.

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