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The Principle and Mechanism Action of Low-Temperature Protection


The Principle and Mechanism Action of Low-Temperature Protection


Low-Temperature Protection

The protective effect of low temperature was studied and described in the late 1950s.Since then, low-temperature treatment seems to have been forgotten for about 20 years before severe physician has been revived. The experimental date showed that the neuroprotective effect of therapeutic hypothermia.


Hypothermia protection has the following mechanisms:

1. Reduce brain metabolism and restore the balance of cerebral blood in brain injury brain tissue.

2. Reduce intracranial pressure.

3. Decrease the apoptosis of brain cells, especially the activation and necrosis of the caspase pathway.

4. Reduce lactic acid and excitatory toxic compounds such as glutamate in local release, which is related to the change of calcium homeostasis during cerebral ischemia.

5. Reduced inflammation of brain tissue and systemic inflammatory response syndrome.

6. Reducing free radical production.

7. Limits the permeability of blood vessels and cell membranes during cerebral ischemia.


Therefore, in order to limit the expansion of initial brain injury, the application of mild to moderate hypothermia has become a hot topic among critically ill patients; especially those with brain injury. This can be achieved through various methods and target temperature.


"Target temperature management" (TTM) has become the most appropriate intervention for the specific temperature of individual patients.

Levels of target body temperature may vary depending on the situation.

TTM can be used to prevent fever, maintain normal body temperature, or reduce central body temperature.


In the intensive care unit (ICU), TTM is widely quoted in protect nerve main treatments, such as to make the central nervous system neurons against damage from degradation, some even are contradictory.

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