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The Sensors Definition


The sensor is defined as: can be provided to measurement according to certain rules to convert the device usable output signal.Sensor as the detection tool, requirements for physical or chemical object detection information, its work stable, reliable and high precision, so it has the following requirements on sensor:

1.Strong ability to adapt to the harsh environment
Sensors working environment is very wide, from extremely cold to hot area. it often works  in an open environment and it could be anti dust, flying sand and rolling pebbles. It also should also be moisture resistant.The high ability of anti salt corrosion and acid corrosion. it has the ability to anti pollution gas interference can adapt in high temperature, extremely cold, strong vibration, impact and the ability to work normally und

2.The price is reasonable and suitable for mass production
The sensors need good consistency, suitable for automated mass production, there are higher requirements for the processing equipment in order to eliminate the artificial operation brings inconsistency and errors.

3.High stability and reliability
Because of some sensors application environment in need of metal packaging, general welding sealing, such as pressure sensor, force sensor, Holzer sensor, photoelectric sensor, temperature sensor.This kind of sensor inside a sensitive element and integrated circuit, inert gas or vacuum cut off from the outside world, there is pressure, air tightness requirements, otherwise the welding strength requirements and leakage rate requirements.The high quality requirements of welding and welding process require deformation small. It can not have damage to the internal components and micro circuit.
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