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The SMD Type NTC Chip Performance

1. Characteristic:

SMD NTC chip is mainly used for measuring the surface temperature. When measuring the indoor temperature.It could use SMD chip thermistor and Glass sealed thermisstor.
NTC Thermistor accuaracy generally is not very high,If you want high accuracy can be used platinum resistance temperature sensor, calibration, can be obtained by screening of less than 0.1 DEC C If the use of platinum resistance temperature sensor, the cost will be very high, especially the required very high accuracy, because it needs to calibrate the screen.The SMD size is very smal, and all size are constructed 4-size glass encapsulation.And ideal for high density SMT installation with monolithic structure. 


The SMD are used in TCXO,Temperature compensating circuit of LCD, Temperature sensing in rechargeable and CPU.DC/AC transformer and HIC over heat protecting. The printer temperature compensating and IC semiconductor protecting.

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