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To Know More About The Electronic Cigarette

To Know More About The Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette is a new kind of electronic products, it has the appearance and cigarettes and cigarettes taste, like cigarettes can suck smoke, suck out the smell and feeling.But it is not a real cigarette. It is an air sensor switch can only control the circuit, smart chips, lithium batteries and other micro technology high-tech devices constitute. And it is essentially different from cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette is a high-tech smart chip through the switch to control output current lead to heating wire heating, so that smoke liquefaction generate the smoke output.Inside the electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette liquid by tobacco and cotton. Glass fiber rope conveying to the heating wire through smoking of using microphone gas dynamic membrane to form a pressure differential,and break over microphone switch. Smart chip through the circuit of lithium battery drive to control the atomizing chamber. Atomizing chamber of the heating wire generate 250-280 deg C to smoke oil Atomizing.Due to the high temperature heating wire, the internal structure of a NTC thermistor to control the temperature to avoid damage the heating wire.Generally, It will be adopt high temperature resistant glass package head of NTC thermistor to control the temperature. Because the glass package temperature range can be up to a maximum of 300 degrees Celsius.

The electronic cigarette working principle:

Glass encapsulation NTC thermistor:

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