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What is the Normal Body Temperature of the Initial Pregnancy?

What is the Normal Body Temperature of the Initial Pregnancy?

 Normal Body Temperature of the Initial Pregnancy

In general, the body temperature of pregnant women will rise until the middle of the pregnancy (after 13 weeks), the body temperature will revert to its normal temperature.


Women's body temperature rises after pregnancy, generally between 36.9 to 37.2 .

If it lasts more than 21 days, and there is no other abnormal reaction, menstruation is not coming, and even early pregnancy response can be considered as a sign of pregnancy.

If the temperature is suddenly high and low, it should be aroused high attention, especially those who have habitual abortion, should take timely measures.


Early pregnancy body temperature change is because the warming effects of progesterone, it can make the temperature higher than the normal 0.3-0.4 .


In general, the basal body temperature of women varies with the menstrual period.

Women in the menstrual period, before and after the body under the action of estrogen, body temperature will remain at around 36.5 , then the temperature gradually decreases.

The body temperature will be lowest during ovulation. After ovulation or after pregnancy, due to the affected by progesterone, body temperature will rise by 0.3 to 0.3 .


Next time your period comes, your body temperature will be normal again.

After pregnancy, luteinizing hormone increases, generally follicular phase women basal body temperature is 36.5 , the luteal phase temperature will rise more than 0.5 .


It is normal for pregnant women to raise their body temperature in the early stages of pregnancy. Pregnant women may be concerned about their temperature changes to predict pregnancy. If found abnormal temperature changes, need to be checked in time to the hospital, in order to detect disease trouble.

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