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Why choose epoxy-coated thermistor?

Epoxy-coated thermistors are a low cost, soild-state temperature sensor with a high sensitivity to changes in temperature. They are ideally suited for applications where low cost is a primary consideration. Units are avaliable in resistance values from 1k to 100k ohms at 25deg C. With a temperature accuracy of 0.1 deg C. The resistance tolerance is usually specified at 25deg C. Other calibration temperatures are avaliable on a special order basis. Typical tolerances are ±1,2,3,4,5%.

Epoxy-coated thermistors are widely used in a variety of temperature measurement and compesation applications. Typical applications include sub-assembly probes used in transportation and industrial markets.

• Low cost
• High sensitivity to changes in temperature
• High stability
• Low thermal mass
• Excellent mechanical strength
• Wide operating temperature range: -40~125/150 ℃
• Suitable for pcb and probe mountings
• Mositure resistant sensor
• Lead: multi-choice

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