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The Difference Between Disposable Skin Temperature Probe And Reusable Skin Temperature Probe

In today, more and more healthcare workers choose to use real-time temperature monitoring reflects patient‘s vital signs, skin temperature probe is an important tool for monitoring. Skin temperature probe can be divided into disposable temperature probe and reusable temperature probe, there are some difference between them, include these points:

disposable skin temperature probe

Composed Material:
Cable material of reusable temperature probe is TPU
Sleeve material of disposable temperature probe is Medical grade PVC
Except the normal stainless steel disc, disposable skin temperature probe add a reflective sliver cover with soft foam, it increases the touching area with skin, also makes response speed become faster.

A single package disposable temperature probe just used for one patient, make sure that each temperature probe is safe and clean when it be used. The hydrosol coating of sensing part makes the probe easy to joint with the skin.

Reusable temperature probe can be reused, but it must go through cleaning, disinfection and sterilization before every time using. Some of them is not autoclavable, so healthcare workers must spend a lot of time on wiping distinction. On the other hand, the reusable temperature probe has to rely the medical tapes to be fixed.

Considering with the long-term using, compare the average unit price between the two probes,  reusable type is more expensive than disposable type. Although the reusable type can be used for many times, but the cost of distinction will be a huge spending too.

Cause the property of disposable medical device, every product will be only used for single time. Accuracy of disposable temperature probe will always keep in ±0.1℃. Reusable temperature probe will be affected by long-term using on accuracy.

In conclusion, disposable skin temperature probe will be the better choice on both safety and cost. 

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