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NTC Bare Chip type for Optical CommunicatIon
Optical communicatIon is the physical foundation of the Internet economy. Over the past ten years, the Internet industry has mobile Internet era change dynasties, Optical communication industry manufacturers, the world map was reconstructed, HUAWEI, CISCO, Ericsson, ZTE lucent, Al Carter and other equipment manufacturers to become a leader in optical communication industry but at present.

Along with the development of optical communication technology, rapid evolution and business profit, equipment manufacturers in recent years began to set foot in optical devices.
In Optical communication can use the negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor or NTC bare chip to measure the internal temperature.That is also indispensable one of component for Optical communication.
NTC chip
Regarding about the NTC bare chip, there is two typies,one is silver and other is gold surface.
The characteristics:
1. Adopt gold electrode,higher reliabilty, gold/aluminum/silver wire bonding
2.High accuarcy ±0.3%,±1%
3.Small size,can be 0.3*0.3mm
4. fast response
5. resistance:1-100kohms,
6. B-vaule range: 3000-4200k
ntc chip,ntc thermistor

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