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To Know the Knowledge NTC Temperature Sensing Gold Chip
In the field of electronic components, the NTC chip is a small part of the components.Its main feature is the measurement temperature andtemperature control.A wide range application fields are also used in intelligent home appliances, mobile power supply, medical, auto temperature measurement.These are measuring temperature with the NTC temperature sensor.
In the NTC thermometer components have a small parts.NTC thermistor is sensing temperature components, It was divided into silver electrode and gold electrode.
Silver electrode features: high precision, high reliability, high stability.Size can be: 0.3 * 0.3 mm
Gold electrode features: Super high precision, super high reliability and stability and subminiature.Mainly used for binding, the infrared thermopile, the application of optical communication.
Packing: in order to better meet the requirements of the customers have launched blue film packaging, so more appropriate dependend customer requirements


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