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NTC Chip Type Thermistor for the Optical Communication Module


The optical communication module is composed of optoelectronic devices, functional circuits and optical interfaces, and the optoelectronic device consists of transmitting and receiving two parts.
The current optical communication increasingly fierce market competition, more and more requirements of the communication equipment volume is small, the interface density and interface board contains more high. The traditional optical module laser and detector separation, has been difficult to adapt to the requirements of modern communication equipment. In order to meet the requirements of optical communication equipment, optical module is highly integrated the small package development. Highly integrated photovoltaic module users without processing the high speed photoelectric signal simulation, shorten development and production cycle, reduce the vitality of procurement, reduce production costs, so more and more equipment manufacturers.
Exsense Electronicts Technology Co.,ltd is manufactory NTC thermistor chip type. It is use in optical communication. The thermistor chip have two material.
One is gold surface material, and others is Ag surface material.All the requirement of specification and size can be customed design. Our chip is high temperature, high accuracy and high stability.
NTC chip type thermistor

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