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Do You Real Know NTC Temperature Chip?

NTC temperature chip is electronic components of measurement temperature, its a bare chip without any encapsulation. But it is also encapsulation another components, it’s need epoxy resin or metal housing shell to encapsulation.

Exsense company had professional manufacture NTC temperature chip for about 10years. There are two types of NTC chip, one is gold electrode, another is Silver electrode.Not only we have the core of the chip,but also we manufacture some epoxy resin or metal case products. Such as our AT/BT/TS series.
Because the NTC chip was manufactured by ourselves, so the specification and the accuracy we can control.

As below some parameters of NTC chip:
1.Dimension: 0.3 till 5.0mm, thickness: 0.15um- 1.2um
2.Resistance: 500Ω- 1600kΩ, common resistance: 5KΩ- 100kΩ
3.B-value: 3150K -5000k, common: 3435k -4200k
4.Temperature range:-40C-125℃, the highest: 250℃
5.Accuracy: :B:1.5%, C:0.3%, D:0.6%, F:1%, G:1%, H:3%, J:5%




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